Where is content stored?

shorts Jun 21, 2023

Did you know that LiaScript tries to be agnostic as possible, when it comes to hosting? The thing is, you host your content by your own and only refer to it, via a URL-Parameter that you attach to the LiaScript website.


Git - Platforms

Although, we prefer GitHub & git for versioning, hosting, and publishing, you should be able to use any versioning system or platform to host your course content.

Cloud - Storage

That means, you can also use DropBox, NextCloud, OwnCloud, or another storage as a course provider:

Peer2Peer Networks

Or you can even go platform-less, by using such Peer2Peer networks as the InterPlanetary File-System. This allows you to share content directly from your browser, if you are using the Brave-Browser or Opera, amongst others.

Data-URIs & Social Platforms

And if you want to go completely backbone-less, you can use data-URIs, which can be used for Micro-learning. Here the entire course content is put into the URL. This way you can use any social media platform to host and share your content!

Try to export the follwing course to a data-URI. The URL will be quite long and look like this: