How to activate Tooltips in LiaScript

LiaScript Jan 24, 2022

LiaScript has a new tooltip feature, which was inspired by the Wikipedia tooltips, which provide more information about a certain topic if you hover a link with the mouse. In LiaScript this feature needs to be activated manually, since it requires a little additional bandwidth, but the result is pretty much the same as in Wikipedia.

To activate tooltips:

  • open the settings-tab
  • check the tooltips check-box

This additional bandwidth is required, since the tooltips are generated on-demand and also without any backend involved. The source-code can be found here. What it basically does is, it queries the every link only for the main index.html and tries to analyze the HTML-file according to different patterns. All results are stored in a central cache, that is why the first loading might take some time, but all subsequent calls will use the already cached result. Additionally the links on the presented tooltip-card are also clickable like Wikipedia.